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Cancer The Forbidden Cures!


FACT: Americans spend more on health care, yet are sicker than most other people in the world. Americans suffer from higher incidences of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, lung disease and a host of other diseases even though all those diseases are both preventable and curable.

Yes, it’s a sad fact that despite massive expenditures on medical treatments and drugs, Americans are sicker than ever before in our history. One might wonder why the so called “miracle drugs” manufactured and promoted by pharmaceutical companies—not to mention the highly touted medical “breakthroughs”—have neither prevented nor cured disease in this country.
The pharmaceutical industry has more to gain when people are sick than when they are well. Therefore, they manufacture drugs that only relieve symptoms but do not cure disease. There’s a vested interest in keeping people sick because the big bucks are in drugs for ongoing diseases. And yet, the pharmaceutical companies’ clever propaganda to make themselves look like the savior of all mankind—a savior that finds “cures” for diseases and saves people’s lives —has successfully deceived us into regarding them with a sense of awe, reverence and respect for all that they do for human health.

The irony of it all is that more people have died from preventable diseases than all the wars of the world combined as a direct result of the pharmaceutical business. These deaths were not just from the use of drugs (as in the case of the 106,000 deaths per year from the negative effects of drugs) but from the industry’s suppression of information about non-drug health alternatives that could have kept people from dying.


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“Miracle Pill” sweeps the United States. Clinically validated Cannabidiol!

(Popular Science) – If your thing is keeping your finger on the pulse of popular science studies, then it wouldn’t surprise you the least bit to hear that we have been experiencing a heavy volume of requests asking us about Cannabidiol Pills and their validity. Cannabidiol or CBD is a popular alleviate for celebrities and has been used to treat various conditions, including chronic cardiovascular disease, cancer and other ailments. But what gives? Certainly a cannibus based substance cannot be legal for ingestion. Cannabidiol (CBD) is a non-psychoactive component of Cannabis that has a wide range of therapeutic benefits and is 100% legal in all 50 states! CBD is naturally occurring in the Hemp plant and according to the United States own government patent #6,630,507 it supports the nutritional health of aging bodies. Cannabanoids are found to have particular application as neuro- protectants, for example in limiting neurological damage following stroke and trauma, or in the treatment of neuro-degenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease.

Benefits of Cannabidiol That Have Been Clinically Validated:

  • Reduces nausea and vomiting
  • Suppresses seizure activity
  • Combats psychosis disorders
  • Combats inflammatory disorders
  • Combats neurodegenerative disorders
  • Combats tumor and cancer cells
  • Combats anxiety and depression disorders

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Fuel your body with the legendary SUPERFOOD of Native American mountain men

31 Jul 2002, Chihuahua State, Mexico --- July 2002: Tarahumara runners during the Ultramarathon. Last year's winner, Pedro Kimare. --- Photo by Keith Dannemiller/Corbis SABA | Location: Guchochi, Chihuahua, Mexico. --- Image by © Keith Dannemiller/Corbis


In the Copper Canyons of Mexico, a forgotten tribe of Native Americans is virtually immune to most of the common health problems Americans face today.

“When it comes to the top 10 health risks facing American men, the Tarahumara are practically immortal: Their incidence rate is at or near zero in just about every category,” reports Men’s Health magazine.

In fact, the few Westerners who have lived among them report seeing no Western disease.


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The truth is out there…

I’m no stranger to various kinds of self help books, having read a number of them over the years. But it was only recently that I became a “true believer”, having stumbled upon this particular health guide, The Miracle Cure, by Kevin Richardson.

I have to admit, having heard of The Miracle Cure for the first time, I wasn’t very convinced. Is there ever a Cure out there, no matter what it may be targeted for? Or is it just some more hocus-pocus?

First, I’d have to say that there’s quite a bit of theory and stuff inside The Miracle Cure.

But hey, it is not excessive to me, because it adequately illustrates the important studies and research done to explain about The Miracle Cure, especially relevant to the skeptic me.

By now, you must be very curious. What is the Miracle Cure I’m talking about?

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Why Turmeric is the “Perfect Painkiller” and Fights Inflammation…

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The Truth About Essiac and How It’s Made


Rene Caisse and her Herbal Cancer Treatment ESSIAC!

Authentic, Original Essiac Tea Formula Documentation — NEWSLETTER LINKS (below)

On a fateful day in 1922 Canadian nurse Rene Caisse happened to notice some scar tissue on the breast of an elderly English woman.  The woman said that doctors had diagnosed her with breast cancer years before.  However, the woman didn’t want to risk surgery nor did she have the money for it.

The English woman had met an old Indian medicine man in the 1890s who told her that he could cure her cancer with an herbal tea.  The woman took the medicine man’s advice, and consequently she was still alive nearly thirty years later to pass on this herbal remedy to Nurse Caisse.

About a year later, Rene Caisse was walking beside a retired doctor who pointed to a common weed and stated:  “Nurse Caisse, if people would use this weed there would be little cancer in the world.”  Rene later stated:  “He told me the name of the plant.  It was one of the herbs my patient named as an ingredient of the Indian medicine man’s tea!”  [I Was Canada’s Cancer Nurse]  The “weed” was sheep sorrel.  In a 1974 letter to Dr. Chester Stock of the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Institute, Rene Caisse stated:  “Who in the world would ever think to find a solution to cancer in a common meadow?”  [THE ESSENCE OF ESSIAC, p. 127]

In 1924 she decided to test the tea on her aunt who had cancer of the stomach and was given about six months to live.  Her aunt lived for another 21 years, cancer free.

Rene Caisse (pronounced “Reen Case”) later gave the tea to her 72-year old mother who was diagnosed with inoperable cancer of the liver, with only days to live.  Her mother recovered and lived without cancer for another 18 years.

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Disease is Big Business: The Awful Truth

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“The truth is out there…”

Yes, it’s a sad fact that despite massive expenditures on medical treatments and drugs, Americans are sicker than ever before in our history. One might wonder why the so called “miracle drugs” manufactured and promoted by pharmaceutical companies—not to mention the highly touted medical “breakthroughs”—have neither prevented nor cured disease in this country.FACT: Americans spend more on health care, yet are sicker than most other people in the world. Americans suffer from higher incidences of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, lung disease and a host of other diseases even though all those diseases are both preventable and curable.

The answer is this: Disease is big business.

Americans are spending over $2 trillion dollars on health care, and that figure is expected to reach the $3 trillion mark by the end of the decade. Over $1 trillion dollars of the spending is on pharmaceutical drugs.

With these kinds of revenues, there is no incentive on the part of the pharmaceutical industries to promote better health. They are the most profitable industry in the world, enjoying average profit margins of 30,000% to 50,000% on pharmaceutical drugs over the cost of raw materials. Sometimes, their markups can be as high as 569,000%! The average business person in his right mind wouldn’t dare walk away from such profits, and would do almost anything to ensure that the trillion-dollar cash cow remains intact.

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2 weird ‘oils’ that regrow hair

Serious clinician studying chemical element in laboratory

Serious clinician studying chemical element in laboratory as oppose to nature remedies!

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David McKenna here.

Hopefully by now you’ve started to notice a reduction in your hair loss, and that new hair is starting to appear thanks to my Regrow Hair Protocol.

If you’ve yet to see any noticeable changes, don’t worry. We’re all different and not everyone responds at the same rate. What you need to remember is that new hair will begin to grow if you follow the formula, so be sure to stick with it.

But if you’d like to speed things up a little, there are 2 very special oils that will help you do it.

In fact, I believe these two oils were crucial in reversing my own hair loss, and giving me back the full and thick head of hair that I enjoy today.

It’s crazy I know, but check it out!

The first is pumpkin seed oil – and I started using it after I read about a 24 week placebo-controlled, double-blind study of 76 male patients who were given 400 mg of pumpkin seed oil (PSO) each day (or a placebo).

Incredibly, the study reported that; “Mean hair count increases of 40% were observed in PSO-treated men at 24 weeks, whereas increases of 10% were observed in placebo-treated men.”

In other words, pumpkin seed oil proved to be hugely effective at re-growing lost hair!

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Young at Heart, Young in Body, Young in Mind
We all live in an age that belongs to the young at heart. Life that is becoming extremely fast, day to day, also asks us to remain physically young. Young at heart, young in mind and young in your body has become the principle of survival.
Can you stay young in your 50s, 60s, and 70s? Is it possible to fight the aging process? As the population of seniors in America grows, more and more people will be looking for ways to do just that.
In the past century, the average life expectancy in the United States has increased by 27 years. In fact, there are now about 70,000 people in America who are 100 years of age or older, and that number is expected to rise to nearly 1 million by 2050.
With the right outlook and motivation, it is indeed possible to enjoy at least 25 more years of “the good life.”
How can you look, act and feel young at any age? One way is never to tell people how old you are.
“Society attaches enormous significance to chronological age, and most people have a stereotypical image of what a person at a specific age should look like, think like, dress like and speak like,” said Barbara Morris, a pharmacist, and motivational speaker.
Let’s speak about how young you can look and how you can age beautifully. Most people would be surprised to find out that the number-one cause of premature aging and disease in the Western world is the over-consumption of food. This is true not only because too much food can make us fat, but also because everything we eat must be processed by our bodies, which requires an expenditure of energy. Because the body has to be continually processing calories, we suffer much wear and tear.
Within each cell of the human body, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, healthful fats, and other important nutrients are the important parts that create energy and repair the wear and tear that our body is continually fighting.

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Take Your Life Back, Get Rid Of Your Fungus In Just One Week

Fungus Remover

Article Summary
Did you know Skin and Toenail Fungus are a symptom to a much worse condition? After ruining my life for years, I was finally able to 100% cure it without any modern medicine or procedures. Watch this video to understand what and why big pharma companies keep this simple treatment hidden from you…

Finally, a Healthier, Paleo Version of Ranch Dressing—and 8 Tasty Ways to Enjoy It

November 2, 2016
by Annalise Mantz for Thrive Market
Finally, a Healthier, Paleo Version of Ranch Dressing—and 8 Tasty Ways to Enjoy It

When Kenneth Henson first developed ranch dressing in 1949, the recipe was pretty simple. The combination of buttermilk, garlic, onion, and fresh herbs tasted so fresh, so wholesome that customers at his Hidden Valley Ranch in Santa Barbara, Calif. went nuts for it. Henson eventually sold both the ranch and the dressing, and the rest is history.

Now, ranch dressing is the most popular salad dressing in the United States. But the stuff sold on grocery stores shelves today is a far cry from Henson’s original recipe. The leading brand lists vegetable oil as the first ingredient, followed by xanthan gum, modified food starch, and monosodium glutamate (MSG). Not exactly fresh, or good for you.

Thankfully, there’s a better way to get your fix: Primal Kitchen Ranch Dressing. It has all the garlicky, creamy flavor of the original, without the dairy, sugar, or artificial ingredients. Plus, Primal Kitchen ranch dressing is organic, gluten-free, Paleo-friendly, and compatible with Whole30 diets.

Now you’re probably thinking: the foods usually served with ranch dressing aren’t exactly healthy, either. That’s where we come in. Check out this roundup of our favorite pizza, burger, and wings recipes—made a little bit more nutritious, so you can enjoy them with a clear conscience. Don’t forget the Primal Kitchen Ranch Dressing!


Cool down these spicy buffalo cauliflower “wings” with a side of ranch. Though they’re completely vegetarian, the buttery buffalo sauce gives each bite a savory, hearty flavor reminiscent of real meat.


A cayenne-laced batter is the spicy secret to our gluten-free fried chicken wings, which are perfect for dipping. Serve them with celery stick and baby carrots, sports bar–style.


When you order a protein-style burger at a restaurant, it often comes with just a touch of sauce (whether ketchup, mustard, mayo, or some combination thereof). Sometimes, that’s just not enough. But when you make your own sliders at home, no one will judge you for slathering on the ranch.


Mushrooms aren’t just a burger topping—here, they’re the bun, too! Sandwich portobello caps around bacon, caramelized onions, goat cheese, avocado, and tomato for a slider you won’t soon forget.


Potatoes aren’t the only root vegetable you can turn into french fries. Slightly sweet parsnips crisp up nicely—especially when you fry them twice in lard.


Has any food-condiment pairing ever been more perfect than pizza and ranch dressing? Don’t think so. Skip the greasy pepperoni, and opt for a gluten-free and Paleo-friendly breakfast pizza dressed up with bacon, eggs, mushrooms, and spinach instead.


Here’s a great alternative to those mystery meat chicken nuggets from the drive-thru. Our version is made from ground chicken, coconut flour, and flaxseeds, and baked to perfection.


Chopping all the ingredients—chicken, hard-boiled eggs, tomatoes, avocados, lettuce—before assembling the salad keeps every bite perfectly balanced. Take the recipe up a notch by omitting the lemon vinaigrette, and drizzling creamy ranch over the top.

Photo credit: Alicia Cho